The closest thing you'll ever get to a real-life picture of him.

Skylord Elberich is a Fear Mythos author who has been a part of the mythos since February 24, 2014. He doesn't consider himself that good a writer, but takes pride in his work anyway. He is currently a college student from a boring little village in England.

He has a unique writing style. Rather than a doing full-blown blog series like most, he prefers to write short stories that intercon

nect with each other. This is mostly due to the fact it takes him an age to finish something, as has often has bouts of writer's block.

He is often prone to worry about his choices, thus resulting in a fluctuating fear of the future. He also wants to take a creative writing course, so as to be better at writing stories and to fufil his ambitions.

He is unsure how he got to the Fear Mythos. He just sort of... appeared one day.


  • The Collector - A brilliantly mad gentleman thief with a shady past who is, technically, older than the known... everything. He is dedicated to keeping his universe relatively intact... but only relatively.
  • Vidalia - The Collector's 100th apprentice, with a severe addiction to coffee and a penchant for magic. She is also a fantastic mechanic and engineer, and has a temper hotter than Spain in August!

Misc. Information

  • He once had an extreme hatred of robots, due to a TF2-related incident.
  • His favorite Fear to write with is the Fear of the Unknown.
  • Despite the fact that his first creation, the Collector, is a mild dipsomaniac and smoker, he intends to live his life completely teetotal.
  • One day, he hopes to become a writer of some kind, move to Devon, and live in or near a forest.
  • He worships the Nine Divines, although his version of Talos is the late great Lemmy Kilmister, due to Tiber Septim not actually existing. TL;DR, he is a really weird agnostic.