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Skye West is one of the main protagonists of The Undecided Five. She grew up in California where she lived in a decent home until her sister died. Since then, she spiraled into a depression and fell back on drugs, with her drug of choice being heroin. She's now clean but her psyche is fragile. She seems to hide that fact by being outwardly strong and outgoing.

Skye is the most outgoing one of the five and is not afraid to speak her mind. She seems the have taken Chris' death the worst.

In 16 - Falling she shows her emotional side most when, in a fit of anger, she accuses Alex of being behind all the weird happenings. Then, she demands that Alex and Violet leave her home.

In 01110000, she is seen in a dress, hanging from wires, with a straight look on her face. Creepy music plays in the background, as it appears that she has been turned into a doll.

She goes missing for a while and returns in 19 - Interruption. She says she was kept on the woods by someone, and that she heard Edward's voice. She has an eye shaped scar that has been carved into her back and it looks like she has been tortured.

In one, she is seen watching a video which consist of people screaming and begging for help. Giggles is recording her, and giggles. Skye has no reaction.


  • Her weapon of choice is a baseball bat.

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