Servants are humans who work for the Fears.

There are four ways to classify Servants: True Servants, Quasi-Servants, Cultists, and Extensions.

True Servants

True Servants are humans who have been explicitly chosen by the Fear they serve.


These are humans who have been driven mad by the Fears, but do not actually serve them.

  • The majority of Maenads actually qualify as this for the Rake.
  • Wanderers are humans who have been affected by the Unnamed Child and search for her. If they can find her, she may make them Nameless.


Cultists are humans who worship the Fears.


Extensions (also referred to as proxies in a non-Slender Man context) appear human but are in fact the Fear itself using a human's body.

  • Blood Vessels are humans that the Red Cap can possess.
  • Camper are a part of EAT.
  • Drones are humans mutated to become more like insects and slowly become part of the Intrusion.
  • The Puppet subtype of Dolls denotes a doll with no will of its own, controlled completely by the Wooden Girl.
  • Hosts are those whose bodies have been possessed by the Dying Man.
  • Judgment is a human who has been possessed by the Eye.


These Servants currently fit none of the above four.

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