The Seeing World
is a multiblog story created by Pandora.

The world has a very calm, yet dangerous, atmosphere to it. The Fears act differently, as their morality system is closer to that of humans, as well as their general consciousness. They seem to be playing the Grand Game, but it has a very long list of specific rules that they must follow by.


Act I - Introducing A Meaningless World

Act II Remnant I- The Screams All Sound The Same

Act II Remnant II - Secrets of the Disturbing Kind

  • the pocketwatch that doesn't tick (small linear visual novel, TBA)

Act III - Let's Do The Time Again

  • my name is sam (Novella, TBA)
  • Welcome to Melase (short film, TBA)
  • 888 (blog, TBA)

Fear Portrayals



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