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"'Ey! What are you doing here? And you know what? KNOW WHAT?! I AM INCOG!"

Seadrus is an adjusted writer, who has been a part of the Mythos for about a year.


Seadrus is an aspiring mathematician, logician, and writer. He writes for the Fear mythos more naught than often, but loves to contribute if he can. provided that he remembers.


Works In Progress

  1. Distance (Blog - Continuation of "New Fears Are Coming")

Finished Works

  1. The Angelic Stele (Blog/Compendium)
  2. New Fears are coming (Co blog with Dr0Shadow - Please note that Dr. Shadow is not done with the blog - It is just Seadrus's part in it has come to an end)

Works put aside

These are blogs that Seadrus will not likely put more work into.

  1. The Fear of Torment (Blog)
  2. The Streets of Fear (Blog)
  3. Strongly Implore an Arch-angel (Blog)
  4. Kill the noise (Blog)
  5. A real blog (Blog)

Planned Works

  • Finished the Angelic Stele. Replacing it with a blog soon to be called "A Guardian Arch-angel"
  • A blog called "Breached Fear," A compound SCP and Fear blog.

Other Works

  • Seadrus - What's the term... overflow ideas?


  • Is currently working on lyric-less soundtracks on certain fears and other stuff fear-related.


  • Smiling Man
  • Dying Man (made with the Trap Cube [1])
  • The Glitch (made with the Dubstep/Electro Cube [2])

Writing Style

His writing style varies, depending on what exactly he is writing. Sometimes, he prefers to go into great details about the process of things or their physical appearance. Mostly, though, he writes a happy medium, consisting of detail and a vague afterthought. Seadrus sometimes slips into writing about a character's internal feelings for about a page or two (I've written an online book before!).

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