Scia Malkator pink 3

Drawn by Rajkot

Scia Malkator is the protagonist of I Think Of A Story Told and a supporting character in My Way In A Fearful World. She is a clone of Benjamin Malkator created by the Archive. Unlike Benjamin, she has pink hair and is a bit on the short side.


Like her genetic predecessor, she has no problem when it comes to killing Servants. A reluctant extrovert, Scia can be snappish, does not appreciate 'foolish' time wasting, and has a tendency not to think far enough ahead.


Scia gets visions and seems to have a lot of other aspects of Benjamin's memories. Like her "father" Benjamin, she also has an eldritch mouth, that is capable of absorbing both eldritch energy and memories from anyone it is turned on.


Scia has a small blade, the present version of ParaDan's Mercygiver, and a pistol she stole from Alexis.

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