Return to Dirt is a musical suite by DJay32 and Eric Taylor, released under the Sunsetters name. Its songs are named after and dedicated to specific Fearblogs, and they feature a rough guitar sound over midi backing instruments. The first song was released on March 8th, 2016, and the suite is ongoing. It can be listened to here.


Mephi (The Eternal Revolution)

A short galloping overture-esque song, dedicated to Omega's Mephi epic.

The Lonely Seas

A nine-minute keyboard-heavy piece ranging from adventurous to serene, dedicated to Apostate's Cute-influenced blog of the same name.

Hidden in the Trees

A nine-minute metal song, revised from The Mythology of Empathy, dedicated to Lizard Bite's Steward blogs.

Fear & Paranoia (The Meta Jam)

A thirteen-minute improvisational piece quoting one song from every album up to No Entry, dedicated to alliterator's blogs as a whole (though particularly Paranoia: A Manifesto and The Fear Mythos meta blog).


  • A majority of the art for the songs are distorted/blurred versions of paintings by Arnold Böcklin.


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