Puppy Dog is a Timberwolf from the Daniel-Verse. He is the author of the blog Lone Timberwolf. He once fought and defeated Daniel Ferris, and left the Twin Triangles branded over his heart. After The Archangel's death, he and all the other Timberwolves were ordered to kill Daniel if they ever encountered him. He was entrusted with a khopesh, which had formerly belonged to a fallen Apostle named Maria Silver. He eventually encountered Daniel again, and tried to execute him. He lost, however, and has since made it his personal goal to defeat Daniel alone. He was trained by Matt Onre, and his nickname was given to him by Daniel Ferris, originally as an insult, although he decided to embrace it as his title.


Not much is known about Puppy Dog's appearance, except that his left hand has some burn scars from defending against Daniel's flaming sword. He wears fireproof gloves to conceal those injuries and protect from further wounds.


Puppy Dog carries a number of weapons, acquired over his time as a Timberwolf.

  • Baseball bat: An iron bat he occasionally uses. He doesn't use it as often anymore, since acquiring his sword.
  • Dagger: A tactical, clip-point knife, usually wielded in his off hand.
  • Shotgun: A shotgun, with its barrel sawed down to an illegal length. He also has an attachable bayonet given to him by Matt Onre.
  • Khopesh: A long sword with a hooked blade. It originally belong to Apostle Maria Silver, and was given to him by Lasciel and Matt Onre.

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