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Hallo there.

PullingoffMasks/TeaTimeTraitor (also known as Squeek or Masky) is a Fearblogger who's been somewhat splotchily (shhhh, it's a word) active with writing for the Mythos since sometime since the start of 2012.

Prefers gender neutral pronouns and currently resides with their boyfriend in Bradford. It's actually less crap than you think it would be.

Still knows several ways to hide bodies in such a manner that they will be a pain in the arse to find, but is now working retail as opposed to persuing further academia.

Blogs That Squeek Has Written

  • Pulling off Masks - first blog. We made it up, but it came true anyhow. A 20 something blogs, makes rules, and fails to follow her own advice.
  • Tea Time with the Traitor - currently active, potentially being rewritten. Focusing on a British government organization that is, like all government related stuff, currently facing the risk of being removed and disolved by the government...of course, it's a bit more complicated than that, but the idea still holds.
  • 525,600 minutes of absolute bullshit and bastardry - sort of currently active. As far as is written so far, it's a very angry gay man coming to terms with the fact he's just been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
  • Forever Autumn - currently active. Is there life on Mars? And if there is, what does it want with the planet Earth?
  • Mine Eyes Have Seen - currently active.

Other stuff to note

  1. Gender neutral pronouns, please. Singular they or Spivak (ze/xe/zir/xir) preferably.
  2. Alongside other contributers, Squeek wrote a decent portion of the "Mental Health and Your Fear Blog" thread on the forum. It's now avalible for viewing on the series bible.
  3. Squeek tends to overanalyse things. This is not an understatement.
  4. This individual is very much an anthropology focused archaeology ghoul. It's not uncommon for this to be reflected in characters backstories and some references that are made in the blogs.
  5. If you wish to charm the author, bribes of high quality coffee, tea, or wine will suffice. Or shinies.
  6. Squeek is familiar with the BDSM lifestyle and is frequently found sobbing into whatever beverage is on hand whenever someone mentions 50 Shades of... within their vicinity.

Where you can find other stuff by this author, if horror is not your cuppa

Glad you asked random citizen.

You can find, mostly poetry, here. Also, ocassionally prose. But the prose is less common now that grad school seems to have taken a hold.

You can, also, get your forensics and body decomposition rates/processes checked over here. I also do some criminal law checking, so if you've got a blog that's set in England or Wales and want to really make it sparkle with reality, come bother me. Anon is on!

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