Pulling off Masks is a completed Fearblog written by pullingoffmasks/smartwittyurl. It can be read here.

Plot Synopsis

Pulling off Masks started out as a review blog, with a focus on creating a list of rules and regulations to keep those who belive in 'this nonsense' safe from harm. (In fact, a few of the blogs reviewed formed the start of interactions between the character Mara and a few of the members of Fear Mythos forum.)

Eventually, as the blog progresses it becomes apparent that there is definitely a grain of truth in the much echoed statement of "We made it up, but it came true any way."


  • Mara Smith- The blog runner and the only named human character.


  • The Plague Doctor - Unlike conventional representations of the Doctor, Pulling off Masks focuses more upon the potential of the Fear to represent the fear of the health care system, systematic abuse of those not considered 'normal' by the medical system, and the flat out fear of going crazy.
  • Corinthian - Acts more within the role of something that communicates, rather than creates. A messenger, if you so desire.

Links to other works

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