Prestidigitation is The Somnambulist's first blog. It follows Marcinius Trowess as he struggles to deal with strange events happening around him in the night. Read it: here

Plot Synopsis

A kid named Marcinius Trowess is given a school project to write a blog. Eventually he begins recounting strange events that take place at night. Such as a strange visitor who creeps up to his bed but always disappears when he looks to see who it is. As events continue Marcinius slips further and further into paranoia despite the attempts of his friend Jayson Augustus and teacher Maless Peyn to help him. He is eventually driven to murder Jayson and his parents by the voices in his head and he is institutionalized. However, the last post of the blog suggest that his strange friends have broken him out of the institute for unknown, but assumedly nefarious purposes.

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