Playtime with Mikey is an educational children's television series broadcasted by Tower TV. The show focuses on the title character Mikey, an Australian Doll dressed in a baggy monkey costume, who plays games with preschool students and teaches them lessons about subjects like math, friendship, and sharing. While the show seems to be innocent enough, it occasionally shows hints of being far more sinister than it initially appears to be. During the show the children may display signs of their happiness being forced and some seem to be hiding the fact that they're afraid of Mikey or the guests. Others bear an uncanny resemblance to children seen on missing child posters, and sometimes children that were present for multiple episodes can disappear with no explanation.

Playtime with Mikey's theme song

Playtime...with Mikey! Is very, very fun! Playtime...oh, crikey! He's decided, you're the one! (Run!)

Once you have arrived, You'll never want to leave! Never, never, never, Take it from me! (S'truth!)

Playtime...with Mikey! Is very, very fun! Playtime...with Mikey! Is never ever done! (Run!)

Smile, it keeps the tears away! Come on, learn and dance and play! It's really, really great! Join in so he can say (It's great!)

Playtime...with Mikey! Is very, very fun! Playtime...with Mikey! Join us and sing along!"


  • Proxiehunter created Playtime with Mikey as an alternative to using Candle Cove to avoid the legal issues that would arise from a writer using it in a story sold for commercial purposes.


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