Some Fears have a phrase or phrases that are associated with them or recur when they are around.

  • The Archangel: "Embrace the Archangel."
  • The Architect: "Open the Gate."
  • The Cold Boy: "We are cold."
  • The Choir:
    • "Perhaps our language leads you.'"
    • "Close one eye, step to the side."
  • The Dying Man: "Let me in."
  • EAT:
    • "Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends."
    • "No one runs faster than you eat."
  • The Eye:
    • "I see all that you have done."
    • "It can be seen anywhere."
  • The Grotesque: "A man with eyes like teeth, and teeth like eyes."
  • The Quiet:
    • "The Quiet claims us all."
    • "Hear the silence howling"
  • The Slender Man:
    • "His eyes are closed, his mouth is open, and his arms are outstretched."
    • "The arms never stop."
  • The Wooden Girl: "Can you hear the drumming, drumming? She is coming, she is coming!"

In addition, the phrase "We are the pieces" is associated with The Great Game, and "The drifting drifter, look into the picture" has been associated with The Slender Man, The Musicians, and EAT so far.

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