Paperer represents the fear that people have of paper. Do you ever get pretty terrified when holding a piece of paper (after all, what if it gives you a papercut? What if it's too bright a colour and blinds you? What if it's a pink slip? You just don't know what will happen next with paper). Paperer is paper; its conciousness looms in all paper products; plain paper, tissue paper, even construction paper! Quick, everyone, run like hell!

Paperer can take on different forms with paper as well and even gather more paper together to widen its variety of forms. The minute you disrespect any paper product, you'll begin to notice how paper randomly flies into your face more often, and when you try to write on paper, the paper will move so you end up writing out quite hurtful things. Before you know it, you can't even go near paper without getting a series of deadly paper cuts.

You'll begin to notice more paper lying around your house, but by then... it's too late. You don't even want to know what the toilet paper does to you afterwards.

Also his proxies are trees.

His mighty abilities:

  • The power to change into different paper forms.
  • The ability to give you a series of papercuts.
  • The power to alter your writing.
  • The power to have toilet paper (data redacted by The Blind Man to spare all of us).

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