The Over Bloggers are the Fear of Bloggers. It's not the blogger you should be scared of though, but the sheer number of blogs they produce.

Over Bloggers can disguise themselves as normal humans, which makes it even harder to recognize one. No one has ever seen an Over Blogger's true form, with those who have claimed it seeming to disappear. When an Over Blogger is angry, it will post a blog that will never be finished, claiming it's too lazy to finish the rest.

Over Bloggers tend to go after writing communities. Once they've joined the forum of the community, they'll write and submit blogs at an extremely fast rate. Their blog stories will adapt to the contemporary genre in question.

The unfathomable number of blogs has been said to drive readers to insanity. They won't be able to comprehend how all these blog posts are being written at such speed and will grow stressed at how they are unable to read them fast enough. Eventually the reader will drop dead, out of reading exhaustion. It is unknown if the Over Bloggers have a set number or goal they're trying to reach, but already the amount of blogs in the Fear Mythos is approaching terminal velocity, and scientists fear speculating what may occur once that happens.

Only a handful of people have become proxies to the Over Bloggers: These people went on to create Blogger. Rumor has it that they also created Tumblr. But not; that would be far too predictable.

The Over Bloggers powers include:

  • The ability to write blogs at extreme speeds.
  • The ability to adapt to any sort of genre.
  • Seeing their true form causes people to become blogs.
  • The ability to influence an entire writing community.

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