Ossuary is a Verse created by Gabriel Syme.


The year is 1875, and travel by flight is still a dream of the future. Intercontinental travel is done on the water and voyages disappear frequently. This is also the height of the Cabinet of Curiosity. Small independently owned museums filled with oddities from around the world. This was an age when much of the map remained dark.

There were many places yet to be discovered and explored. The place to be discovered on this fateful year was an island in the Atlantic that would never appear on any official map. Only a single successful voyage to this island was ever recorded. The island was found on March 20th, explored by the crew of the SS Abyssinia.

They left after only 12 hours carrying several unregistered pieces of cargo that the Captain sold one at a time to various Cabinets and museums in the US, Britain, and Europe. There were 8 pieces sold in total. 8 unopened containers each large enough for a person to fit inside.


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