The title, as seen on the blog

Operation: Ragnarok is a collaborative blog written by multiple authors focusing on a universe where humans have finally found a way to fight the Fears. More specifically through SLUG units (Sentient Lightweight Unmanned Ground unit), remote controlled human-sized robots created from the remains of a recently fallen Manufactured Newborn. It can be read here.

List of SLUGs

Each SLUG is named in reference to the EMF (Emotional Manifestation) it is designed to combat. In order of appearance:

  • SLUG DES Heretic (Demiurge)
  • SLUG DES Icebreaker (Vetr)
  • SLUG DES Mayhem (Shilombish)
  • SLUG DES Herbicide (Tantalus)
  • SLUG DES Peacemaker (Ares)
  • SLUG DES Feedback (Melpomene)
  • SLUG DES Kill It With Fire (Kheper)
  • SLUG DES Pardoner (Ma'at)
  • SLUG DES Block Buster (Nod)
  • SLUG DES Theseus (Nod)
  • SLUG DES Urban Ranger (Nod)
  • SLUG DES Utterson (Incubus)
  • SLUG DES Mongoose (Naga)

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