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one thousand and one nightmares is a blog by alliterator featuring the Manufactured Newborn and other Fears. It can be read here.


Act I: The Golem

The main character, Scheherazade, writes that she will tell stories about monsters and legends for one thousand and one nights. Over the course of telling stories, she reveals her own backstory: she met the Manufactured Newborn (which she calls the Golem Machine or just simply the Golem) while it was in a smaller form and managed to injure it, but the Newborn grabbed onto her brother, Paul, and pushed itself into his body, killing him and controlling it. Her Newborn-controlled brother is chasing after her, echoing his last words, "I can feel it, Sherry. I can feel it inside me."

Finally, Sherry that on the Twelfth Night of Christmas - generally the night before the Feast of the Epiphany - she will turn and face her brother. She does, fully expecting to sacrifice her life to destroy the Newborn, but manages to dig into his wound and grab the Newborn and smash it against a wall, shattering it and reducing it to a smaller size. It scatters away by to the Towering Realm and Sherry is left with her brother's dead body.

Act II: Tigris and Bar-Yuchnei

Sherry reveals that she cremated Paul and answered the police's questions as best she can. She started blogging again because of a dream where Paul tells her about Tigris, a tiger who is so big its lungs are nine feet apart, but it is not her enemy; her enemy is Bar-Yuchnei, a giant bird that can blot out the sun.