This article is about the character. For the real life individual, see Omega (author).

Omega Man

Omega is a Runner currently running from The Slender Man. He known to provide help to others if they need it. However, for some unknown reason, he will always suffer a gruesome fate shortly after appearing. At some subsequent date, he will reappear alive with no explanation whatsoever. It is unknown how Omega is capable of coming back to life, or why he is subjected to such bizarre deaths.

Historical Sightings

According to The Archive, Omega has repeatedly appeared throughout history as "The Unlucky Man". His first sighting was recorded by an Irish Catholic monk in 1607 who watched as he fell off a cliff. Perhaps the most bizarre sighting was in a Chicago warehouse in 1993, where Omega was sighted on the grounds shortly before the warehouse caught on fire. When the fire was put out, a number of large bones were found among the ashes. Testing later revealed that the bones belonged to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, though they were not fossilized.


Omega looks like a young man wearing a black hoodie with the Operator Symbol on the back of it.


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