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Oblivion (formerly Various Identities) is, undeniably, the monster of the Fear Mythos. On the exterior she appears to be a very normal girl, but beneath the surface she is a ruthless machine fueled by the blood of innocents.

Written by VI

Little things about VI


VI and her one true pairing: Cursing. Drawn by Cadet Jane

  1. She is the Complete Monster of the Mythos.
  2. Whilst on the exterior she appears to be normal, she is but a snake in the form of a woman.
  3. She is one scary bitch.
  4. On occasion you can catch her lurking about, silently watching you.
  5. She is also known by the names Jack Everrett, Loki, Antimatter And Red Wine, Detective Mark Hoffman and Dominus Insidias (Lord of Treachery). New identities have popped up, such as Dean Winchester, Castiel, and Lucifer. Of course, her standby is Various Identities, or VI for short.
  6. We pretty much just consider her to be either Loki or Hoffman.
  7. Only known photo documenting her true form.
  8. We really don't even know why she's here. She hasn't contributed anything spare two creepypasta and one now-deleted blog. Honestly, she's just kind of... There.

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