NoFourthWall (real name: Harrison Hamill) is an writer who has been a member of the Fear Mythos since early August 2012, though he lurked for at least a month before joining. Also referred to as Wally, Wall-E, Wallywoo, Wallace Of The NoFourthWall, Waldo, and Wallington, he is an avid world building nerd, a frequent procrastinator, and an aspiring author. Despite frequently claiming to be a "completely normal flesh unit", he is suspected of actually being a sentient brick wall. Theories concerning his true identity range from him being Brickathor, a Nurikabe yokai from Japanese mythology, the Berlin Wall, or an otherwise normal wall located in a weird BDSM sex dungeon medieval torture chamber. Other than that, he seems to be a pretty normal person (at least by most Fear Mythos standards) so long as you ignore his unhealthy obsession with editing this very wiki.

His most famous creations for the Mythos are The Glitch and The Morsus Rabbit.

Stories he has written


Short Stories

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