Drawn by Jasper

Nests are servants of The Convocation, who take them to the Bleak Shore and somehow make it so they can literally nest within their bodies.

Nests can carry the Convocation (or "the Bright Ones" as they call them) inside their bodies and release them through their mouth or by cutting themselves open. These wounds will eventually heal themselves, but leave scars. The Witch of Gatlinburg, one of the most famous Nests, has numerous scars all over her body. It is not known how many birds a Nest can carry within them, but it far exceeds the volume of a normal human body.

Some Nests display the power of seeing through the Convocation's eyes. The Faceless Bastard uses the Convocation for his eyesight and when a Nest's eyesight is injured, they may use the Convocation for their sight.


The Midwich Cuckoo developed his own classification system for Nests in A Bird of the Air Shall Carry the Voice based on the tasks given to them by The Convocation. This system has since been adopted by other bloggers.

  • Crests: The appointed leader of a group of Nests. Despite their authority over other Nests, a Crest's orders are not absolute, as they can easily be overridden should The Convocation give them new directives.
  • Coverts: Stealth operatives. They spy on victims, infiltrate enemy compounds, and assassinate targets.
  • Beaks: The muscle of the team. They commonly act as the personal bodyguards for important figures.
  • Quills: Writers who document everything they observe and hear during a mission for The Convocation.
  • Worms A blanket term for anyone Nests are assigned to deal with. Includes targets, VIP, hit marks, and hostages.