Drawn by Lizard Bite

Neomaria (real name: Samantha Mayhew) is the half-sister of Scribe Sigma and daughter of Keeper Alpha and Analyst Alpha. She was first introduced in The Archive, and later appeared in The Thirteenth Apostle.


The Archive

Neomaria was involved in Experiment 208, where she was injected with Nightlanders and made pregnant, in an attempt to birth a new Fear. She was captured by Analyst Alpha, but escaped when the Nightlanders killed her.

She is extremely pale, with dark eyes and dark brown hair, which is wild and unkempt. She wears a plain white robe that has been cut open around the region of her gut, and nothing else. She tends to wander around aimlessly, lost and confused and above all, scared. She rarely knows where she is or how she got there, and she doesn't understand anything about the world around her or how it works, as she was raised in seclusion within the Archive.

The Nightlanders, for whatever reason, are fiercely protective of her, and will ruthlessly attack anyone whom they believe will do her harm. There are always Nightlanders near her, riding along in her shadow.

She is being pursued by Ghost, formerly Inquisitor Nu.

The Thirteenth Apostle

In the blog The Thirteenth Apostle, Neomaria appears when Matthias and the SMSC investigate the brutal murders of various Servants in New Rossfield. Hoping to avert a war between the Fears' followers, they track down the killer outside of town and discover Neomaria. The Servants had been attempting to capture her for their masters, but were killed by her Nightlander guardians. She becomes afraid and begs the agents not to approach her, and when one does, he is attacked and killed by the Nightlanders. Neomaria escapes in the confusion.

Matthias and the SMSC work with Ghost and the Apostle Ophilim to find Neomaria again. Scribe Sigma also joins and helps rescue Neomaria from an attack by the Archive's Martyrs. It is revealed that Martyr Alpha has been using The Wooden Girl's strings to control his soldiers, and the Wooden Girl intervenes and ends the conflict by taking Martyr Alpha to her tower. Neomaria suffers a nervous breakdown and the Nightlanders become violent, but Ghost manages to make it to her and calm her down. The two escape together with the assistance of a Lilim named Jorma, and Scribe Sigma returns to the Archive, satisfied that her sister will find peace with her lover.

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