Necropalypse is a finished forum game set in Val. The RP can be found here as well as a sequel called Necropalypse: The Aftermath.


The ChaoZ guild stumbles upon a secret plot to turn everyone in Val undead. The Masterminds behind this plot are a group of Necromancers who call themselves Necropalypse. A few of the guild members face of against Necropalypse members one by one.

One of the Necropalypse members, Reganya, switches sides early on and joins ChaoZ. She helps the guild and gives them information.

Eventually the guild goes after the leader of Necropalypse, the Wraith king. But he is too powerful and they have to retreat.

Not long after that, the Wraith king and two other necromancers attack ChaoZ Inn itself. A huge battle erupts between all of the ChaoZ members and a huge army of undead.

The wraith king goes down surprisingly fast but when Death shows up to claim his soul it takes a turn for the worst. The true puppet master shows up and betrays the Wraith king, kills one of the guild members and Death herself. The puppet master then disappears again.

The ChaoZ inn and the surrounding town had been destroyed and ChaoZ's leader lost his wife and unborn child.

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