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The Mister Oculus Studio is where the Runner Verse version of the Tower TV program Mister Oculus is produced. It is also the domain of Mister Oculus and is capable of being teleported to different locations by Mister Oculus, but it is most often found in The Empty City.


The studio is large; all of the cast members, most of whom are actually Gavels, live there with Mister Oculus and whenever a new crew member joins, another room is added. However, it looks even larger on the inside than it does on the outside. The set is made to look like various parts of the town of Bonum. It is not entirely stable, given how set pieces sometimes fall over. The building itself looks old, with most of the floors being made of wood. Oddly, some areas of the set seem very high budget, whilst others seem very low budget. The security cameras are actually eyes belonging to Mister Oculus, who has many of these located throughout the building.

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