The Misfits are a group of Dolls that serve the Jester and The Wooden Girl. They were given to Jester by the Wooden Girl. They are all male and Jester named them himself. He rarely uses them in the field, as he prefers to do things himself, but he does occasionally deploy them to aid in his more complex games and "jokes."

They first appeared in The Puppet's Game.


  • Lady: 17 years old. Jester castrated him and makes him dress in bright pink clothes. Lady is usually used to flirt with people and put them off guard... or just for the lulz.
  • Mr. Bun: 34 years old. He's a big hulking brute of a man. Jester sewed his lips shut, except for a small opening in the middle, big enough for a straw.
  • Crybaby: 79 years old. He's a spry old man who's a bit more resistant to being a doll than most. Occasionally, he's able to sort of break free but all he's able to do is sob with heartbreak and frustration. Jester thinks that's funny.
  • Face: 25 years old. An utterly average man with no personality to speak of. Jester calls him "Face" because he has one, and that's pretty much all you can really say to describe him.
  • Gigglepuss: 29 years old. A sadomasochist who's covered in self-inflicted scars, and giggles like crazy whenever he receives or inflicts pain.

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