“What game? If you're reading this you know exactly what game — Dr. Malice

Metaphysical Fiction is a blog written by The Somnambulist that follows Dr. Malice as he takes part in The Side Bet, a portion of The Great Game that pits the Fears against each other, and the clock, as they attempt to kill him. It can be read here. The plot is heavily connected to Dawghouse and No God No Masters towards the end.

Plot Synopsis

After a strange countdown and cryptic message, the blog starts with an introduction from Dr. Malice explaining the Game and listing the players who will be taking part. After this introduction, the Game starts with activity from The Plague Doctor. Over time, the Fears begin showing up en masse and the situation grows dire.


1. The Fears must give Dr. Malice a chance to survive every attempt on his life. IE: the Choir is not allowed to simply make his brain explode.

2. The two Fears who are on Dr. Malice's side must answer all questions he asks of them, but they do not have to respond truthfully.

3. Servants are allowed.

3a. Servants are not allowed to use domain travel, with the exception of the Slenderproxies who are allowed to use the Path.
3b. The Path of Black Leaves is only allowed to be used once a day with only one Proxy.

4.The Game will last until the 14 of February.





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