Mercygivers are weapons that corrupt their wielders into emotionless psychopaths with an uncontrollable lust for violence and murder. Not much is know about them aside from their connection to the Fears.

List of Mercygivers

  • Caledfwlch: A longsword owned by Diana Rose from All Roses Wilt. It causes her to lose her emotions, and view having emotions as stupid. Caledfwlch is named after the Welsh version of Excalibur.
  • ParaDan's sword: An unnamed rapier used by ParaDan from Daniel & Friends. It doesn't affect him as strongly as it would a normal person. Since he brought it with him from the future, another version of it exists in the past, which is currently in the possession of Scia Malkator. ParaDan refuses to give his sword a name, as it would give it a stronger hold over him.
  • Gaudeamus: A large sword, similar to a flamberg, with a long wavy blade and a handguard on either side of the hilt. It is wielded by Adon, who is seemingly immune to its influence.

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