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Mariana's Web banner, by Finchgeam

Mariana's Web is a 'collection of fictional records' written by Tigerhallam. It follows the investigation of Ryan Avery, better known as BlueAdept, as he attempts to find the fabled Mariana's Web, a hidden part of the internet said to hold the world's darkest secrets. But not all is as it seems. Something sinister lurks beneath the surface, waiting to claim all who set foot on the wrong path.


Ryan Avery - also known by his Internet handle BlueAdept, he is interested in computers and the Internet.

Uncle - AKA DeepBlue, and never mentioned by name, he has recently died in what Ryan sees to be suspicious circumstances a month before Mariana's Web takes place.

Mariana's Web


Drawn by alliterator

BlueAdept manages to crack the code on a message his uncle left for him, and custom software is revealed. He can then enter a code provided to access Mariana's Web. He's surprised when confronted with an avatar screen - it seems more like an RPG game than a secret layer of the Internet. However, when he later accesses it using a device found in the woods, he views it in its 'true' form - rows upon rows of floating code and command line software. Mariana's Web varies based on what is used to connect to it.

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