Image photoshopped by Emily (ShadowWalker)

MONARCH Proxy is a ten-segment blogpasta by Tigerhallam, and can be found here.


MONARCH Proxy focuses alternately on odd reports appearing on Jacob Saunder's blog and his life.

Relevance to real-life events

[Spoiler Warning]

In MONARCH Proxy, the Monarch Project was a supposed offshoot of other military projects. 

It was alleged to be kidnapping men, women, and children (especially homeless people) and brainwashing them, forcing them to have multiple personalities through torture and abuse. This then could be exploited as no personality would be aware of the other.

Multiple Personality Disorder is a strongly debated, yet psychologically recognized disorder, officially refered to as Dissociative Identity Disorder.


Most of the names in MONARCH Proxy refer to butterflies.

  • The title MONARCH Proxy refers to the Monarch Butterfly.
  • Codename: Arran Brown refers to a type of butterfly.

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