A basic Leper drawn by SoulEatingBunny

Lepers are insect-like creatures that inhabit the subterranean regions of the Hellish dimensions known as Fester and Bloody Hell. They vary greatly in importance, appearance, and abilities, but there is always one common factor that always remains the same -- the upside-down face that is located somewhere on their bodies. The full goals of the Lepers are unknown, but their actions seem to indicate that they wish to spread their influence into our dimension by subjugating humanity. Standard Lepers cannot gain access to other worlds without the aid of Monuments or high-ranking members capable of generating portals.

There are currently 20 known types of Leper.

High Ranking Lepers

  • The Umbilical - Master of all the Leper and primary leader of The Fester
  • The Skinsect - Master of Transportation Leper and secondary leader of The Fester
  • The Widowmaker - Mistress of Reproductive Leper and tertiary leader of The Fester
  • The Devourer - Master of the consumer Leper and tertiary leader of the Leper
  • The Mindflayer - Master of Consumer Leper and tertiary leader of The Fester
  • The Hand - Was Not Supposed To Happen
  • The Everborn - Master of Constructors
  • The Neverborn - Master of Molders
  • The Doorkeeper - Master of the Gemini
  • The Weeds - Master of Leper Plants
  • The Wandering Cloak - Exists outside the hierarchy of Fester

Normal Lepers


  • Larvae
  • Gemini - A common Leper type that consists of two normal Lepers fused around each other.
  • Larvae Spawn


  • Jutting Screepers
  • Matriarchs - A reproductive-type Leper that resemble a large, bloated human female with tunnels in the mammary glands from which they spew Cocoon and release Larvae.



  • Groundlurkers - Soldier-type lepers that resemble a toad or frog.
  • Criers
  • Greylurkers - A soldier-type Leper that resemble a Crawler, but are more similar to a silverfish. They have incredible speed and strength.
  • Carrions - A soldier-type Leper that resembles a half-crab, half-Leper hybrid.
  • Leviathans - A soldier-type Leper that take the form of a snake.


  • Pollen - A plant-like variations of Larvae released by plant-like Leper such as Creeping Vines.
  • Creeping Vines


  • Crawlers - A consumer-type Leper that resemble a millipede. They also act as transportation for other Leper.

Unique Class

  • Constructors
  • Molders
  • Trypobes - A unique, infection-like Leper that resemble clusters of lesions.

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