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Karma is a remorseless crime boss and the owner of The Multiworld Resort. In addition to his "ordinary criminal operations", he has occasionally done business with The Fears and many other supernatural entities. But, like any other smart business man, this does not stop him from assisting organizations dedicated to fighting any paranormal threats, Runners who stumble upon the Multiworld Resort, and self proclaimed monster hunters that pay him well enough behind their backs.


Very little is known about Karma's early life and the few details he has provided contradict one another, including the circumstances in which he first became aware of the Fears. The only detail that has remained consistent throughout his various backstories is his difficult childhood as an orphan living in the slums of Moscow. With nowhere else to turn, he resorted to a life of crime as a low level thug before joining the Russian mafia as one of their most feared and dangerous assassins. At some point in his criminal career, he was exposed to the secret world of the paranormal, inspiring him to create his own empire comprised of the creatures he encountered.


As much as Karma likes to present himself as a polite gentlemen who enjoys fine dining, classic literature and music in front his guests and clientele, this is merely a facade hiding his inner ruthlessness. He is not the type of man who forgives a personal slight, and is not above murdering or torturing anyone who gets in his way. Even though he rarely takes matters into his own hands, preferring to entrust any form of violence to his subordinates, he is a master combatant in many forms of fighting and can easily kill a man with a few hits. Nevertheless, he retains a great amount of respect for his enemies and refuses to deal with them through dishonorable actions.

Like most men who enter a life of crime, however, Karma is not devoid of positive traits. He is extremely kind towards his allies and employees, treating many of them like family. He is fiercely protective of the few people trusts and will often punish subordinates who do not give them the respect and manners they deserve. While he can be brutal towards his competitors, Karma is also compassionate to those who are less fortunate than he is due to the hardships he experienced during his childhood and often donates to charity. He is also a man of his word aside from his disinformation campaign concerning his identity and will set aside past rivalries in order to help prevent world threatening events without a moments notice, even if it doesn't benefit him in the long run.


Karma wears a variety of masks in order to conceal his true identity. Not even his most trusted employees know what he looks like underneath and many assume that he uses a Perception Filter to prevent curious bodyguards from sneaking a peek while he sleeps. Some suspect he is reluctant to show his face because he was heavily disfigured by a Mafioso who belonged to the same family he used to work for, while others believe decades of being exposed to eldritch energy has transformed his once human head into that of a fly with many bulbous eyes.

He is never seen wearing outside of a white suit, a red tie and black gloves during business hours.


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