Writerer am bestest

Above is the one of the many glimpses of Jokes McFear's true form.

Jokes McFear represents the fear of joke fears, ranging from the creation of them to the Joke Fear themselves. People recently have begun to express more fear in him due to his control spreading.

It is said that he has ginger hair that he is to lazy to go get cut at the hairdressers. He is known to be pale due to his fear roots and lack of melanin. Jokes McFear is the creator of mock fears or 'Joke Fears', and will do this by creating posts that described Fear are clearly terrifying which scares the readers so much that they laugh. Once his Joke Fears have been read, Jokes McFear's influence is spread.

Among many of his powers are:

  • The Power to create Joke Fears at any given time.
  • The Power to spread his influence to others.
  • The Power of annoyance.

Also his domain is Writerer's House.

Jokes McFear does not have many proxies because of a certain someone who keeps on stealing them all with promises of cake and cookies.

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