Jeanette Cotton is the protagnist of The Jeanette Experience. She is a tomboyish teenager who duels off against the Smiling Man. It was later revealed that she was tricked into becoming a proxy of the Smiling Man and her friend, Tara, was part of the group that "created" it. Her eye was burned out by the Smiling Man and she wears an eyepatch to cover it up. She wears a long coat, a hat, and wields a buck knife and a Colt Anaconda.


Jeanette is known to exhibit a tomboyish personality due to her upbringing in a lower middle class family. She appears to wield firearms in a rather casual manner and generally acts in an overt, direct manner, preferring to hunt down the Smiling Man instead of letting him be. This also displays her markedly cavalier approach to life, as she repeatedly risks grievous harm and death in her pursuit against the Smiling Man.


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