Isabella Quinn is a young woman with psychokinetic abilities, and a field agent of The Bird of Hermes Initiative. The illegitimate daughter of The Glitch and an unnamed female Offscouring cultist, Isabella was conceived during an occult ritual and was groomed from an early age to become the future leader of her fellow cultists. However, because she was born human, the ritual was considered a complete failure. This led to her family to severely abuse her throughout her childhood in hopes of activating her paternal powers. After fourteen years of abuse and neglect, her powers finally manifested in a large psionic blast that killed every Offscouring in her hometown. She was apprehended by the Initiative shortly afterwards and placed under the custody of David Grant, who essentially became her surrogate father, and was trained to master her powers. Upon reaching maturity, Isabella was enlisted into a covert black ops unit alongside Grant, Walter Emmerich, and Mr. Mite.