Harold Ardy is an antagonist of The World Through These Eyeholes. He originally became a runner after his family was killed by The Faceless Bastard, until he found the remains of a temple dedicated to an old, no longer existent Fear. He somehow managed to absorb the power of this Fear and attempted to use it to get revenge.

His next course of action involved organizing a group of runners and staging an attack on a Servant bar by the name of O'Briens. Faceless comes after them, and falls into a trap set for him by Harold. The trap fails to kill Faceless and kills the remaining runners, who were unaware of Harold's plan. He later attempts to antagonize Faceless further by killing a prospective Nest Faceless was supposed to be protecting right in front of him.

Ardy challenges Faceless to a final fight directly and is eventually killed by Faceless in their final battle.

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