As seen in Loss and Regret

Not much is known of The Undecided Five antagonist known as Giggles. However, judging by her behavior and violent actions she is suspected to be a Proxy.

She first appears in 3 - Factory. She distracts the group and Skye and Chris chase after her. The video ends when Skye, and Chris behind with the camera, run into a dark room and Skye screams. The Five decided to give her the name "Giggles" because of the eerie laugh she has.

Her next appearance is in 12 - Grave. She giggles and runs off near the end of the video while Alex chases her with Skye's bat.

Her darkest moment happens in 15- Lost and Disblief. Chris, behind the camera, is walking through the factory (the same from video 3). He gets to an opened part of the factory and is then heard gasping for air. It is believed that Giggles strangled him. He falls to the ground, and she comes into view. She then drags his body for a short period before noticing the camera, giggling, and taking out the camera. Another camera shows her dragging Chris' body to where the Five find him, then she destroys the camera.

Two months after killing Chris, she is possibly seen walking in the background of 20 - Searching.

Giggles returns in ha ha, a video that she uploads by hacking the TUF account. She is seen wearing Chris's scarf (she has returned Edward's) and a name tag.

Her giggle can be heard in the next video, one, which she may have also uploaded.

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