Brom Bones, one of Foolamancer's many RPG characters.

Foolamancer (Ryan Vessels) is a Fearblogger, unsurprisingly. He is American, twenty-four years old, a college student, and has a distinct fondness for H. P. Lovecraft's writings.

List of Blogs

Foolamancer is the author of In The Shuffling Madness, a blog which centers around an old man who uses the pen name of "Locomotive Breath" to publish his accounts of his experiences with the Fears, as well as Call The Schoolmaster, a blog which centers around a protagonist who is attempting to reach out to people through their blog to escape their abusive home life, and both Murder Lies and Deep In Their Eyes, which do not have wiki pages yet due to them being in their earliest stages.

He also writes Summon Bigger Fool, a blog which serves as a dumping ground for all his random thoughts on horror as a genre, literature in general, games, and other geekery. It's very, very sparsely updated.

Writing Style

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Foolamancer has the ability to write extremely formal and overwrought prose with exceptional ease. In fact, he has a marked tendency to slip back into it when he isn't paying sufficient attention. This tends to give those parts of his writings something of an archaic, almost Lovecraftian feel.

He prefers not to paint the fourth wall, feeling that it tends to break immersion in the reading experience. Therefore, his blog updates are posted as blog updates, and not as chapters in a story. Characters will not - or, at least, not under normal circumstances - post updates which contain fragmented sentences, stream-of-consciousness ramblings, punctuation and spelling errors, or the like, seeing as all of these things are easily caught and fixed in preparing the post.

Foolamancer's writings all take place in his own interpretation of the Fear Mythos, the Madverse. He takes a very different view of the mythos than other writers; Fears are often combined into new, gestalt entities, and the Fears don't all appear to be the same kind of being. Most notably, The Blind Man and The Quiet have been combined into the entity known as Aqualung , which is alien even to the other Fears.

He tries to keep things to at least one post per blog per day, but a college student's life is a hectic one, and schedule slip is a constant problem.