Fit The Crime is a ten-segment blogpasta based around The Eye by Tigerhallam that can be found here.

Plot Synopsis

The main protagonist of the blog is John Thomas, a office secretary who starts blogging as part of a wager between him and his co-workers that was made after he went on drunken rant about social networking during a Christmas party. If he can blog for one month, John's friends promise to reward him with fifty pounds if succeeds. Not being the kind of person to back down from a challenge, John reluctantly accepts. By the third post he starts finding crude drawings of The Eye with vague threats written on them. He brushes this off as a practical joke at first but quickly starts to realize that something is wrong when he starts seeing the Eye wherever he goes.

By the third day John becomes so paranoid that he reveals why the Eye has been stalking him and the reason for his hatred of technology. Three years ago he drove while intoxicated and ran over a young girl who miraculously survived the collision. He decided to kill the girl to avoid being sent to jail by snapping her neck and dumped her body in a nearby river. He then proceeded to destroy her smartphone, the last piece of evidence remaining.

John is later found dead by his desk and his death is ruled as a suicide even though his neck has been snapped.

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