Fentzy, as drawn by Logic

Rauri McGanna, known by her nickname "Fentzy", is one of the six main protagonists of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING. She is fifteen, going on sixteen, and from the state of Connecticut. Her sister was kidnapped by an unspecified Fear, and she intends on getting revenge. She acts as a bit of a tsundere character, and she's very insecure about being seen as weak. She is stalked by The Slender Man.

The story doesn't focus much on her until the third act; when Jordan begins getting into trouble for all his flirting, she suggests he focus on one girl and then suggests herself, in particular. Their pseudo-relationship lasts a matter of a couple weeks before Jordan gets in trouble once again for flirting with Salmacis. The two remain friends, with Fentzy turning her focuses once more on getting her sister back. As the end draws nearer, her efforts increase until her sanity is harmed.

Her appearance in the rising legends of the White Jester and allies sparks a movement called the Knights of Ceverse, seeing her as a sort of mother-like figure to inspire them to help the world. She is referred to among the Fears as "Juliet," and her weapon of choice is a billhook.

She is one of the few characters who survives the end of the logs.