The Fear Information Agency (or the FIA) is a specialist branch of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Initially it was called AIA or the Abnormal Investigation Agency, but as it became clearer that all the abnormal activity they were investigating was related to a set group of beings, the organization's focus narrowed to learning more about this group of creatures. The name "Fears" was learned from studying the accounts of those who had run-ins with these creatures. Despite attempts to create a less "artistic" name for the beings, the name stuck and the AIA became the Fear Information Agency. It now focuses on learning everything it can about these creatures and containing any dangerous individuals involved with The Fears (mostly Servants and the occasional Runner).

The FIA is mainly funded by the Canadian Government through various falsified expenditures. Its members are well trained and sworn to utmost secrecy. They have worked mostly to halt the spread of information concerning the Fears outside of the country. It would not be entirely untrue to say that they are responsible for the relative scarcity of Fear reports coming out of Canada compared to the United States.

They have been in operation since 1978 and have been operating as The Fear Information Agency since 1983. They have three major branch locations: one in Ottawa, Ontario, one in Nanaimo, British Columbia and another in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. They also have many holding and testing areas around the country, many of them either masquerading as or hidden within mental hospitals or prisons.

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