The front cover.

Faces, Strange and Secret is the first installment in a series of unnamed short horror story anthologies. The stories featured in the book were all written by twenty-two authors within the Fear Mythos community and were edited by alliterator. There are sixty-three stories in total, along with twenty Fear illustrations drawn by alliterator. While a majority of these stories were created solely for this anthology, some of them originated from the Faces, Strange and Secret blog.

It can be purchased on and CreateSpace or for a Kindle at and Smashwords. You can buy a printed copy on Amazon here and on CreateSpace here for $14, the Kindle version here for $6 and the Smashwords version here for $5.99.

List of stories featured by section

(Anything with an asterisk can also be found on the Faces, Strange and Secret blog):


  • The Problems of Hell by JJJ
  • The Truth Will Set You Free by Visitor*
  • Exploring a Sealed Wing by JJJ
  • The Hum by alliterator
  • Jack Frost by tgecko
  • Inevitable by JJJ
  • Decay by Omega
  • Need You Like Water in My Lungs by alliterator*
  • Soundless by JJJ
  • Penance by JJJ
  • Lucidity Online Newspaper 21 by JJJ
  • Underneath by JJJ
  • Richard Cory by alliterator
  • Nerve by Visitor*
  • Possibilities by JJJ
  • Shadow Play by Malus
  • Talk on a Streetcorner by JJJ
  • Closing Time by alliterator
  • The Last Mistake I Will Ever Make by JJJ
  • Precious Little Angel by Atik*
  • Comfort and Joy by The Nameless One


  • Amen by Omega*
  • Eulogy for Howard O’Grady by JJJ
  • Time/Place by CuteWithoutThe
  • Salvation by ExorcistGamer
  • The Day the Door Froze by DJay32
  • The Witch of Gatlinburg by LizardBite*
  • Teenage Gluttony by DJay32
  • Saved by The Nameless One
  • Insanity Door by DJay32
  • Charcoal Sketches by Funden
  • She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field by Amelia
  • Infection by JJJ
  • Tick Tock by Proxiehunter
  • Wish by DJay32* (Shorter version on blog, full version in Anthology)
  • Merry Christmas, Mommy! by tgecko
  • The March of Pestilence by ZacksQuest
  • Still Life by Manic Muse
  • Chrysanthemums by alliterator*
  • Statements Recorded From a Candlelight Vigil by JJJ
  • Case File Juliet 005 by Proxiehunter


  • The Farmhouse by Amelia
  • Christmas Present by Amelia
  • Shortcut by Malus
  • Blood Music by JJJ
  • The Midwinter Nights by ZacksQuest
  • The Storm by The Somnambulist
  • A Great Man, Dying by The Nameless One
  • The Ballerinas of Versiansa by DJay32*
  • Wanderlust by JJJ
  • Hell is Repetition by ExorcistGamer
  • 152 Hours by tgecko
  • The Hive by Proxiehunter
  • Weak Foundations by Apostate
  • William Wright by DJay32*
  • The Monster in the Mirror by Shayde*
  • Peter Pan by Visitor*
  • The Thing Where My Eyes Used to Be by DJay32*
  • Erosion by ExorcistGamer*
  • Roses by Tigerhallam
  • The Suicide Note of an Anonymous Mother by RedRockingHood*
  • Playtime with Mikey by Proxiehunter
  • The Killing Type by alliterator




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