Evelyn Thompson (Evie or Eve for short) is a twenty-four year old friend of Adam's who worked alongside him in the Theater performance group they were part of. She is a character within the Shattered Psyche Verse series of blogs.

Eve seemed to spend a lot of time around her friends Adam, Jaina, Ethan, Liam and Malcolm, also living with Jaina as room-mates in an apartment. In the process of being friends she also fell in love with Adam and they now are in a relationship. 

It has recently been revealed that she was another part of Project Destiny being used as another spy to be around Adam by the Eden Organization. However it appears that during this she actually developed a friendship with Aura and truthfully fell in love with Adam. She recently was responsible for getting Adam out of a psychiatric ward and in the process renounced her job in Eden.

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