As Thoth, painted by Rappu

Eric Taylor is a portrayal of the Fear of Memory in the Rapture Cycle. Eric is one of the narrators and protagonists of OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING.

In Rapture

At fifteen, Eric was chosen as one of the seven Knights of Xanadu, allowing him the ability to traverse the Empty City better than others. He met up with the other protagonists in Los Angeles, where he and Jordan had a guitar duel broadcast to the entire world. He was blinded by Nyarlathotep in bear form, which he then killed. His weapons were predominantly swords.

At seventeen, Eric discovered his mighty eldritch tome and became Thoth, arbiter of the gods. He would oversee the affairs of the Fears for years, preventing fights where he could and reviving fallen combatants to even the playing field. He accidentally revives Rapture in the process, and in an attempt to oversee a fight between Salmacis and the Colour of Blood, he fails to prevent EAT from killing her.

When the apocalypse came for him again, Eric became Tiresias. He was trapped in his library, the Peisistratos, and could not leave Xanadu. He served as an eldritch teacher of Anna, and he goes as far as to defend her from malevolent Fears. He strikes a deal with the Beast, freeing himself from his prison but condemning Anna to vulnerability, eventually leading to her death. He spends the rest of the apocalypse struck with guilt and regret until his death at the Ecclesiarchway's hands


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