Enhanced Daniel is an alternate version of Daniel Ferris and an Enhanced servant of The Slender Man. In his universe, Slender Man began the Enhancement experiments a long time ago, and has had time to "work out the kinks" to create the perfect Enhanced. Because of this, Enhanced Daniel is much stronger than the Enhanced of most universes, and doesn't suffer from any of the side effects.

In his universe he was known as Breaker by his fellow proxies. His universe was a dystopia brought about by an alliance between The Plague Doctor and The Manufactured Newborn, who took control of the US government. Other servant groups, included the slender proxies, formed various resistance groups to try and fight back.

He kept his hair short and spiked and wore a totheark-esque mask which conceals a burn wound at the edge of his mouth. Little is known about Enhanced Daniel's personality (except that he is constantly seeking opponents at his own level) due to the fact that he was killed by The Fury early on.


Enhanced Daniel has a few abilities that aid him in battle.

  • Enhanced Strength: Enhanced Daniel is strong enough to take on David Kallaway in his armored form.
  • Enhanced Agility: Enhanced Daniel's agility surpasses that of a normal human.
  • Weapon Master: Enhanced Daniel has displayed extreme skill with a number of different weapons.
  • Durability: Enhanced Daniel is highly resistant to damage, and can take a hit easily.
  • Teleportation: Like all other proxies Enhanced Daniel has access to The Path of Black Leaves and can use it for transportation.


Enhanced Daniel wields the Omnibolg, his universes strongest weapon. It consists of ten weapons that can be joined together in various way. In its complete form, it resembles a giant, long handled sword that can fire bullets from the tip. Despite its large size, Enhanced Daniel's strength allows him to wield it easily.

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