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Taken from Official Facebook

Emily White is one of the main protagonists of The Undecided Five. Emi is quiet and seems to keep to herself. She moved around where the Five live quite recently and seemed to be drawn to the group. She is first seen in 1- Happy Birthday Edward

She is last seen in 12- Grave when a tall, faceless man in a suit (thought to be The Slender Man) appears behind her.

Emi returns in haha. When the group is checking on a hurt child, she comes out laughing. She attacks Skye when she touches the child. Alex fights with her and Cam threatens her. After Giggles takes the camera, and goes to the pile of bodies the Slender Man is seen holding Emi. She begs him to spare her and says that she didn't mean to let them take the child. The Slender Man kills her.

The camera gets one final look at her. Her eyes are now a strange color of red. Then, Giggles, whose hands are covered in blood, closes Emi's eyes, and she is gone.

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