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Taken from Official Facebook.

Edward Allan is a character from The Undecided Five known for his reclusive behavior and his hatred of new people, though for some odd reason he likes the other members of the group. In the last vlog, he said his last goodbye. When the rest of the group can't get ahold of him for days, they try to find out exactly what happened.

Edward disappeared shortly after things started happening. In his final warning, he told the rest of the five to stay together.

His scarf was seen in the video 12 - Grave.

Giggles is seen wearing his scarf while she is dragging Chris in 15 - Lost and Disbelief. His death is confirmed in haha when Violet points out that Edward is among the bodies in the pile that Giggles burns. Giggles seems to have returned his scarf and taken Chris's, which was identical.

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