The Eden Facilities are a key part of Project Destiny and all seem to report directly to The Overseer. They were first implied to be safe zones from Slender Man that people would have to stay at permanently. It was later revealed that the facilities are on the side of The Wooden Girl.

There are apparently thirteen facilities in total; each one has its own sub-overseer that reports directly to The Overseer with him taking prime control at a facility when he visits it. Each facility is hidden with the usage of a perception filter and some according to The Overseer have cover companies disguising them too.

The location and style of most of the Eden Facilities is currently unknown; with only a few having been revealed or mentioned. The eighth Eden Facility was destroyed during a currently unexplained incident involving Slender Man and an attack. The style of each Facility assumedly differs, The only one that has had some level of description is Facility Two which was right in the middle of New York City hidden in a building for a law firm called Black Thorn. The law firm was owned by Eden Project and was used as the cover for the facility.

The law firm stretched up to the floor nineteen with the remaining floors serving as the Eden Facility. The floors consisted of a variety of offices, labs and housing areas for people saved. The top two floors however seemed to be completely off-limits with the only comment Overseer making about them being that they contained "The White Room" and "The Door."

It is unknown what covers are used for other facilities; if any are, nor is it known if the style of other facilities look any different.

Known Facilities Locations

Facility 1: Unknown, England

Facility 2: New York City, America (Cover Identity of a law firm called Black Thorn)

Facility 8: Colorado, America. (Destroyed)

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