Dr. Malice (Maless Peyn) is the protagonist of Metaphysical Fiction and a major character in The Somniverse. He was first mentioned in Prestidigitation as the teacher of Marcinius Trowess, who assigned him the project which had him create his blog. The subject he teaches is unknown, however it was revealed that he has a self given PhD in Fiction, the topic of which is "The Examination of Fiction and the Effects on Reader Populations." It is through his studies of fiction, that he became aware of The Fears and they became aware of him.


Dr. Malice was chosen as the focus of a strange portion of The Grand Game known as The Side Bet where he faced off against a large group of Fears intent on killing him. He only had minimal help and the eventual promise that all attempts on his life must have a chance of survival. Despite this, he was eventually killed and was brought back to life as a Thoughtborn, which he enjoyed greatly due to the lack of restrictions placed on him. However, he quickly realized that his freedom was merely an illusion and decided to rebel. After a conversation with EAT in which it mocked him for not saving Marcinius Trowess and Jayson Augustus, he decided to redeem himself by searching for Portnoy Augustus and restoring his lost memories from before he was enslaved by The Archangel.


As a Thoughtborn, Dr. Malice displayed the ability to move through the air via wireless signals and the ability to map himself onto a human brain in order to possess a living body. The latter doesn't seem to be a common one, however, since he had to teach another Thoughtborn named Genome how to do it in The Unlikely World.

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