David Grant is the pseudonym of a top-level paranormal investigator of The Bird of Hermes Initiative. He was born in a long forgotten kingdom as part a series of experiments on prehistoric humans and was cursed with immortality as punishment for committing the first murder in history. In the years to follow his exile, Grant became a warrior whose overwhelming guilt over his past mistakes inspired him to seek redemption.


Grant was born sometime during the Forgotten Age of Man as a hunter from a nomadic tribe of prehistoric humans that were genetically modified by The Glitch in order to hasten humanity's evolution. Over time, these humans grew to worship the Glitch as their god, whom they referred to as Gleshkael, and would make annual sacrifices to gain its approval. In return for their undying loyalty, the Glitch would ensure they experienced another year of prosperity. On Grant's thirtieth birthday, he and his younger twin brother were chosen to bestow their best offerings to their god, and whomever presented the better gift would replace their father, Omardves, as the chief.

Knowing that his sibling's gift was undoubtedly the best, Grant's brother distracted him by setting fire to his house, stole his offering and presented it to The Glitch as his own. Enraged by this nefarious betrayal, Grant bashed his brother's skull in with a nearby rock, killing him instantly. Having no awareness of the concept of murder up until that point, the tribe branded Grant as a heathen and sentenced him to death by burning him at the stake. Before Grant could be executed for his crimes however, The Glitch, who was greatly entertained by this unanticipated event, intervened and offered to save his life in exchange for his humanity. Grant immediately agreed and was cursed to wander the Earth aimlessly as the first immortal human, denying him entrance to the afterlife forever.

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